Robotics Academy

About Us

Allen Robotics Academy provides exposure to informal science education.The kind of inspirational ,hands-on learning that Robotics centre provide enables students to grasp concept faster and more easy.

Allen Robotics Academy uses self-paced STEM Learning tool based on Robotics to motivate ,inspire& engage students with interesting projects and activities .Students build various automated working mechanisms using building blocks,program them using various softwares and accomplish the required task using his/her creation.

Our vision

Our Society is built on science and technology.In order to be educated and engaged citizens in the 21st century ,everyone needs to know and understand the basics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM).We ensure that the upcoming generation has strong STEM skills,both to fill workforce needs to solve the complex problems of our times.

Play & learn Programming

-An Easy & Exciting Platform For the young students to quickly code,test & reiterate the code to achieve a desired mission in a game like environment.

The coding is not syntax driven but driven by the logic and algorithm which naturally creates flow of thought’s in the students mind.

  • Drag & Drop Like Coding.
  • Configure a Virtual Robot
  • Games & Puzzles.
  • Physics Enabled Engine
  • 3D Simulator
  • Custom Design

Learn building great Mechanical Structure
Convert Mechanics to Automation
Learn Science Math Programming & build it.


Programming skills

STEM is a curriculum based idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, namely, science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and Applied approach. Rather than teaching the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, Science Technology Engineering & Math skills
RoboGuru is a 3D virtual robotics programming& simulation tool with physics enabled engine interesting games and challenging puzzles for the high school students

Analytical Logical & Problem-Solving Skills
Team Building Skills

Benefits for Schools
  • Helps in inculcating new teaching methodologies.
  • Development of robotics curriculum to strengthen the quality of STEM education.
  • Helps in creating innovative learning materials
  • Helps in improving schools digital equity and economic development
  • Helps in enhancing teaching techniques.
  • Promoting practical way of learning through robotics.
  • Helps in effectively meeting the next generation's workforce needs.
  • It has a positive impact on the professional development of faculty members through extensive training.

Robotics for Students
  • Makes student an active learner.
  • Helps the students understand programming in a much easier way.
  • Boosts their confidence levels.
  • Strengthens research & problem-solving skills.
  • Develops logical and analytical abilities.
  • Help students to develop Science & math Intuition.
  • Builds self-thinking which results in clarity of thought.
  • Allows them to explore new technologies.
  • We help them differentiate between theoretical studies with practical intelligence.
  • Overall development of personality and organizing skills.
  • Introducing them to current advances in technology.

Facilities Offered
  • Free Robox Kit For One Year
  • Roboguru
  • Stem Based Classes