Guidance and Counselling Cell

(Energizing Minds for a better tomorrow)

Mental health is the most important aspect of any child’s social and cognitive development therefore, the Guidance and Counseling Cell desires and strives to ensure health and vitality. It provides the students with supportive environment to succeed academically, socially and emotionally.


  1. Working towards developing clarity of purpose in student’s mind about their academic goals and professional choices.
  2. Helping them with their social, emotional and personal needs.
  3. Preparing with students to face challenges of the future.
  4. Facilitating and motivating the students to shortlist good fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and Abroad.
  5. Counselling & guiding students to link backwards in choosing their subjects in grade X
  6. Organizing student development workshops, fairs, university visits and talk by eminent persons so as to expand the horizon of the student mind.
  7. Providing Guidance and assistance to patients and teachers to handle students with behavioral deficits and special needs.
  8. Diagnosis of learning and behavioral issues, and provide assistance accordingly.


Guidance and Counseling Cell is an initiative by DPS Eldeco, that works with an objective to provide assistance to students, parents and teachers in order to promote positive mental health in school environment.


Guidance & Counseling Cell took its first step under the able guidance of Principal Dr. Deepti Dwivedi .

This initiative started to spread happiness and provide solutions to students, teachers and parents so that they are able to lead their lives effectively.

This cell strives to meet the academic, career, personal and social needs of every student- in doing so, students are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

Individual as well as group counseling sessions are conducted from primary- middle school to senior school level.

During sessions play therapy techniques along with solution focused counseling, need assessment, CBT, psychometric testing, are a few techniques which are incorporated to solve various problems ranging from ADHD, exam anxiety, social media addiction, suicidal tendencies, bullying, substance abuse, identity crisis to minor issues like slow/poor handwriting and other conduct/behavioral issues.

Guidance & Counseling Cell has conducted numerous workshops in the year 2017-18 which has provided assistance to lead a mentally healthy and efficient life.

Workshops like-

Positive Parenting & Safety and Security of the students this workshop was conducted for parents and was addressed by Respected Principal ,DPS Eldeco and the School Counselor , Collezione-A Career Guidance & Counselling Summit where experts/professionals from different sectors of work provided their able guidance to parents and students, Bullying ,Aggression &Use of Abusive Language this workshop was conducted for students of classes VI to VIII another workshop was on Gender sensitivity conducted for teachers in order to promote an inclusive classroom, Time Management Workshop was also conducted for classes VIII TO X , Finally Stream Choice Selection workshop was conducted for class X so that they make a choice of their aptitude and interest.

Apart from such group counseling sessions in the form of workshops, students and parents also have the provision of one-to-one counseling , wherein they can fetch assistance in private and content confidentiality is well maintained by the school counselor. The main aim is to provide support in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options and increase self-awareness. This procedure mainly focuses on talk-based therapy.

Bullying and Abusive Language
Positive Parenting
Time Management