Aims & Objective
  1. Generate the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of DPS, Eldeco.
  2. Push them to take action and innovate to solve problems in their communities.
  3. Students will learn to apply the knowledge of entrepreneurship they learn in class.
  4. Being the first of its kind in the city, it aims to set a new benchmark and act as a model for other schools to follow.
  5. It will teach students to deal with various situations using extensive case studies.
  6. It will aim to connect students with entrepreneurs so that they can be guided by them and their efforts.
  7. It aims to spread the message that students can achieve their dreams and work for the betterment of society even using off beat path.
  8. It will aim to form at-least one startup each year that can solve a compelling problem in the society.


Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.

Who says you have to graduate with a fancy degree to be an entrepreneur?

We, here at DPS Eldeco believe that students not only have the capability to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas but can also execute them and reach the zenith of success

To provide students a platform to learn entrepreneurship, the students of DPS Eldeco have come up with Young Entrepreneurs' Club under the able guidance of our honorable Principal ma'am, Ms.Manisha Anthwal, and our founder-president, Aryan Srivastava, who attended a month-long program about entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of technology and has come up with his own business line, speakspot.

The team will teach the students the various aspects of creating and handling a startup, handling finances, being a team player, branding, marketing and much more.

What's more? Club members WILL start their own companies during the club's first year!

The DPS Eldeco family is confident that the club will be successful in achieving its aim, to fight the stereotype that entrepreneurship is for people who "fail at their jobs", and that high schoolers are not capable of creating and handling their own business.

The club happens to be first of its kind in the city and one amongst very few in the country.

Get ready DPS Eldeco student!

YEC Team



Sitting at the Center Sitting Left Sitting Right
Founder President
Dr. Deepti Dwivedi (Principal)
Aryan Srivastava (Club President)
Agrim Khurana (Design Head)
Ayush Raj (Education Lead)
Sanskar Ranglani (Head of PR)
Shashwat Gupta (Finance Lead)
Arushi Gupta (Operation Lead)
Parth Prajapati (Director of HR)
  • Aryan Srivastava – XII A

    Club President

  • Dashing, debonair, talented, witty and a person with wide areas of proficience, we present to you, the founder president of the Young Entrepreneurs; Club, Aryan Srivastava.

    He's a national level basketball player, the 'tech guy' of the school and has a mellifluous voice and adept skills when it comes to playing any instrument.

    He has attended a month long program about entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and has his developed his own business line, speakspot.

    Apart from this, he also carries the responsibility of the MUN club of the school and the cultural events.

    Being the cultural Captain and the Secretary general for DPSEMUN 2017, he has firmly established his presence in the entire city.

    He keeps the team together even in the times of distress and is the perfect leader the team could ask for.

  • Sanskar Ranglani – XI B

    Head of PR

  • With an exceptional demeanour and the unputdownable presence of our flamboyant, prodigiously articulate, and unapologetically maverick Public Relations Head Sanskar Ranglani. As a celebrated debater and an illustrious MUNner, Sanskar proudly carries the flag of DPS Eldeco in the city.

    His predominance in the school is indomitable, apart from being the formidable Vice Cultural Captain and the impressive Vice President of the MUN club of the school, Sanskar impeccably manages the English and Hindi Literary societies of DPS Eldeco

    The blue-eyed boy of each person in the school, he is not just an influential writer, debater, and literary virtuoso but also an exemplary and flawless administrator with an inordinate experience in the field.

    As a budding psychologist, he is the 'undisputed therapist' of our school. You won't meet a more insightful human being whose mind is buzzing with visionary ingeniousness.

    With the extraordinary puissance to scrutinise complex situations and manifest remarkable elucidations, he is here to help make the Young Entrepreneurs' Club an indubitable success.

  • Agrim Khurana – XI D

    Design Head

  • The most creative and intellectual person when it comes to tech wizardry, Agrim happens to be one of the most promising students when it comes to designing, editing, videography and everything you know about computer science.

    He owns 11 running websites and without him, no tech work of any event is possible.

    He's not only impressive when it comes to designing but in no moments will complete whatever task has been given to him.

    A fun loving, light hearted person with a lot of charisma and brimming talent, Agrim promises to do justice to one of the most crucial posts in the core team, the head of design.

  • Parth Prajapati – XI E

    Director of HR

  • Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.

    With this said, it's time to know more about our HR head, certainly a really important portfolio to hold, Parth Prajapati.

    He is a student of class 11th and is reading humanities with economics. While psychology happens to be his favorite subject, he is interested in law too.

    He's going to ensure that there aren't any disputes in the participants and is not only going to monitor the distribution of work, but is also going to head the overall selection process

    He is a super enthusiastic person and promises to live up to the faith the team has invested in him.

    • Shashwat Gupta – XI D

      Finance Lead

    • Ayush Raj – XI C

      Education Lead

    • Arushi Gupta – X C

      Operation Lead