Appearance for 'B' Certificate

It was time for the cadets of D.P.S. Eldeco to undergo 'B' Certificate exam in the month of 2017. Nevertheless 14 cadets passed the 'B' Certificate with Alfa Grade and brought laurels to the school.

Occurrence in February and March

To secure a permanent place as Cadets and to be known by the categories defined the cadets went for 'B' Certificate practical on 21st February 2018 followed by the ' written examination' on 11th March 2018 at APS Nehru Road.

The cadets who had possessed the 'B' Certificate went for the selection of 'C' Certificate practical and examination.

The first batch introduced 'C' Certificate next for its practicals on 14th March at Headquarters and the written examination for the same evolved on 18th March at Battalion Headquarters.